Our philosophy at Resolute is “It can be done.” Our advisors work with each family to develop a customized and comprehensive plan that integrates their investments, financial objectives, and social impact and philanthropic goals. We strive to be sound fiduciaries of our clients’ assets. We provide excellent service, comprehensive reporting, transparency, and investment guidance that helps position them for strong long-term net performance.

Our approach to building each client’s portfolio is tailored to their specific needs and tolerances. We select only the investments we find to be appropriate for that client and his or her objectives. We also work closely with families’ other trusted advisors to deliver a holistic overall strategy.

Our portfolio construction is grounded in both academically-supported and empirical analysis, combined with judicious capital market strategy and investment selection. We believe in the use of both active and passive investment selection. Our focus is positioning portfolios with the ultimate objective of providing solid returns for a given level of risk.

Our services extend beyond traditional wealth management. We coordinate each family’s overall financial landscape to help meet their needs and objectives.

Investment Management

• Asset Allocation
• Tactical Deployment
• Customized Investment Strategies
• Risk Management
• Consolidated Reporting
• Portfolio Management
• Alternative Investment Solutions

Lending Solutions

• Financing Strategies
• Competitive Lending Rates via Custodian
• Referral relationships for non-custodian lending solutions

Estate & Financial Planning

• Succession Planning
• Education and Retirement Planning
• Generational Education Programs
• Family Gifting

Philanthropic Strategy & Planning

• Charitable Planning
• Donor Advised Funds
• Family Foundations

Family Office & Executive Banking

• Cash Management
• Bill Pay
• Document Management
• Checking Accounts
• Key Advisor Coordination and Selection
• College Funding
• Health Care and Insurance Resources
• Investment Banking and Business Valuation Services

Tax Management

• Proactively harvest gains and losses across investments
• Consider Each Entity’s Tax Treatment when Allocating Investments
• Estimate Gains and/or Losses on Taxable Accounts
• Estimate Returns for Alternative Investments • Tax Summary, 1099’s and K1’s provided to clients and CPAs as soon as is practicable